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Present and History of Oloví


City Lead can be found in the Sokolov district, Karlovy Vary Region. On 3 7th In 2006 there were 1940 inhabitants.

Lead can be found halfway between Sokolov and Kraslice, the river Svatava. It is surrounded by massive, mostly spruce stands. The woods and near the marked hiking trails are ideal for hiking, biking or cycling.

The first written mention of the village in 1523. At that time the site was mined lead. In 1561 became a royal mining town. In the 19th century, the development of glass industry, flat glass, were exported to all over the world. Glass Oloví tradition persists to this day, upgraded the fire lines producing automotive glass and mirrors. Lead can be found in the church of St. Michael (1902), now declared a cultural monument. Gradually, like reconstructing the local chapels. The status of the city was awarded the 23rd Oloví January 2007.

Status: city


NUTS 5 (Municipality): CZ0413 560,588
Region (NUTS 3) Carlsbad (CZ041)
Region (NUTS 4): Sokolov (CZ0413)
municipality with extended competence: Kraslice
responsible community: Kraslice
historical countries: Bohemia
Cadastral area: 19.04 km2
population: 1940 (3rd 7th 2006)
Latitude: 50 ° 14 '44''
Longitude: 12 ° 33 '3''
Altitude: 528 m
Postal Code: 357 1907
basic settlement units: 7
Local Part 4
Cadastral: 4
Office Address City: Hory 42
35707 Oloví
Mayor / Mayor: Miroslav Filandr


Lead is in the city recorded 297 addresses and 1,940 inhabitants. Of the total population is 987 women and 953 men (under 15 years girls 170 and boys 173). The town has 836 households.

How can we infer from the title, the city was associated with lead mining. This is probably mined as early as the mid-14th century, but perhaps in 1519, both derive from the date on the seal used in the 18th Olovím century, was founded by Stephen Slik owning Jáchymov town.

In 1523, however, he certainly gave a special privilege. Oloví began in 1524 to lead the top of the book and by the mid-16th century had its own seal and emblem.

In 1558 came Oloví Ferdinand I, upper right, and in 1561 the same exalted ruler of the royal mining town, which in 1581 again confirmed by Rudolf II. He even gave the city in 1594 right chastened character and red sealing wax.


On a hill above the valley has grown so Svatava city that had a rectangular square with a church in the middle. If in the 17th century there were 65 houses and two hundred years later, they stood in Oloví 168 and they lived over a thousand people.

When you were in the second half of the 19th century, the local lead mines abandoned, created in Oloví industry. In the early nineties, there established the first Czech Society for the glass industry a large factory for the production of sheet glass and mirrors. Already before the First World War, the glass factory focused on exports and the pre-Munich Republic in her work over 1200 employees.

Larger sizes in the lead and reached a production of pearl buttons, musical instruments and toys. Better known was the production of sewn and bobbin lace.

More than a hundred years has created an inherent panorama of the former royal mining town Oloví pseudo-St. Michael the Archangel. It was built on the site of one of the oldest Lutheran churches in the county. The new church was consecrated on 29th September 1902 by a priest by Archbishop Cardinal Leo von Skrblenkym. Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic declared in 2000, area church. Archangel Michael as a cultural monument. The ravages of time, but especially the lack of maintenance on this very monument sign. The result of the defects that have come up in some sections of the stage of threats to stability throughout the building. This issue has confounded not only the ecclesiastical authorities, but also citizens of the village, especially olovským natives living in Germany. After many discussions between interested parties, each has pledged financial assistance, was started in August 2004 to repair the church roof.

In the first phase of the roof was repaired, including the church tower. New sheathing, new gutters and downspouts. The next phase began with the repair of the roof of the nave of the church, the roof was more than half of the repaired and drained. In 2005 this part of the roof was completely finished and has been fixed at the last remaining part of the roof - the roof over the altar - also incl. gutters and downspouts.

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